Vice President of Sales   |   US   |   5th January 2021

Ed Dischner joins Proxy as Vice President of Sales


Renaissance is delighted to announce the appointment of Ed Dischner as Vice President of Sales at San Francisco headquartered, Proxy. Proxy revolutionizes how people access the workplace and opens the door to smarter workplace experiences tailored to each individual.

Proxy was founded in 2016 by Denis Mars and Simon Ratner, with the aim to develop a digital identity technology that creates a unique signal for everyone. The company's technology utilizes smart devices and digital platforms to power universal identity signals that provide mobile access throughout commercial buildings, including workplaces. This access enables businesses to create a touchless environment, eliminating germ-spreading community touchpoints.
The company recently raised a $42 million, Series B venture funding in a deal led by Scale Venture Partners alongside Kleiner Perkins, Y-Combinator, and 13 other investors, totaling money raised to date at $58.5 million. The funds will be used to fuel a rapid expansion of its breakthrough technology set and to catalyze international growth across Asia, Europe, and North America.
Due to continued rapid growth, Proxy has brought on a sales leader to continue to scale the existing revenue operations and drive success across it's enterprise customers. Ed is an established Sales Leader with a track record of driving revenue growth and building high-performing teams for pedigree companies, such as BlueJeans and Tealium.
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