US Team

Matt C’de Baca

Managing Partner, US

Matt grew up among two culturally diverse and interconnected cities - El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, where he learned at a very early age the importance of relationships. After attending college in Texas, he began to develop a deep understanding of leaders through his many roles in executive recruiting, particularly in technology.
Matt truly enjoys being a part of the advancing of ideas, designing systems, building products/services, creating markets and unlocking opportunities through building executive teams. His collaborative approach is exactly why our clients trust him with finding the leaders they need to accomplish whatever is next for their business.
Matt's team partners with capital investors and works alongside portfolio company leadership teams - they try to walk in our client’s shoes and advance their mission and vision into the market. In order to build healthy and vibrant companies, our clients need experts in leadership design with an approach that is creative, collaborative, design-based, and development focused.
Matt puts his team through deep development work so that they can take leaders to the very edge of performance. As a collection of lifelong learners, his team is committed to unlocking, harnessing, and hacking high-performance leadership methodologies for the benefit of our clients and our candidates.


To talk to Matt please call on 001 512 965 8288

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